Refilling and bleeding a trolley jack

My son has plenty of toys, but nothing beats dad’s tools. My trolley jack is a favourite of his, and he uses it to lift this go-cart. Unfortunately he opened the release valve too far once, releasing some of the hydraulic fluid. As I found out the next time when […]

French Cleat storage wall

Judging by many workshop tours on YouTube, you really can’t have a workshop without at least one wall with French Cleat storage. So naturally I didn’t want to be left out. The wall behind my workbench already had holes and plugs that I simply re-used. I also had a couple […]

Monitor stand

I wanted a simple monitor stand for my desk. I had some leftover 18mm plywood from my media cabinet. From this I cut one 50 x 25cm and two 10 x 25cm panels. Both ends of the large panel and one end of the small panels were cut with 45 […]

Wera Kraftform XXL screwdriver set

A decent set of screwdrivers is probably the most essential part of your tool kit. My choice in this regard is the Wera Kraftform XXL set. It consists of twelve screwdrivers: Two Philips and two Pozidrive Three flathead Two flathead that can be used as chisel Two insulated flathead that […]

Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig 320

Pocket holes are a very simple, quick, and convenient way to join wood. In many cases, the holes can be placed in a way that they are invisible. Unlike with dowels, biscuits or dominos, it is not necessary to drill (and thus align) holes in both pieces. Only one piece […]

Cheap shelving

Storage is always an issue in workshops. My options here are very limited, as I want to be able to use the garage for parking a car. With the garage being only 2.90m wide, storage cabinets along the walls are not possible. The only available space is high up, but […]

Building a media/amp cabinet

I use three half-size (106cm tall) Ikea Billy bookcases in my home office, which left me with approx. 1m of space left. Another Billy would have been an option, but would have covered the light switch and a power outlet, and would have wasted about 20cm of space. I also […]

Essential router bits

A router is a very useful tool, and I would consider it a must-have for woodworking, along with a saw and a sander. There’s a huge selection of router bits for many different applications, hence you can buy large (and expensive) sets with e.g. 30 router bits. But in my […]

Building a printer trolley from scrap wood

Printers may seem like a thing from the past, but unfortunately they are still a necessity. Sometimes paper is more handy, sometimes the children want a coloring page. This means that you want the large and heavy printer out of the way when it is not needed, but readily accessible […]

AutoBild ratchet and socket test

Earlier this year, AutoBild tested several 1/2″ ratchet/socket sets (the test was later republished in AutoBild Klassik). Perhaps unsurprisingly, German A-brand Hazet took the win. But on closer inspection of the scores, it is obvious that most criteria concern only the ratchet, and all sockets passed the test. The reason […]