How to install the Mr12Volt Bluetooth module instead of the Porsche phone module

I initially placed the Mr12Volt Bluetooth module instead of the CD changer, as this location is easily accessible. The downside is that it is very difficult to route the microphone cable for hands-free calling to the frunk. Placing the module behind the PCM did not have my preference, as getting power would require tapping into wires. The alternative was placing the Bluetooth module in the location of the phone module, under the right seat.

I had already removed the phone module and placed a MOST bus loop instead. My plan was to route the microphone wire from the steering column through the dashboard, behind the PCM and under the carpet to under the right seat. The steering column cover is held in place by three Torx 10 screws. The PCM side panels are removed by first removing the hidden Torx 30 screw that’s in the small carpeted panels, then the two Torx 20 screws that hold the panels in place. They can then be pulled forward and up against some resistance from three clips.

Microphone in place under the steering column cover

Removing the side panels also grants access to the dashboard screws. You need to remove four screws (all Torx 20) to be able to flex the right side of the dashboard next to the steering column down a bit so you can pass through the cable.

In order to be able to lift the carpet to run the cable underneath, the right seats needs to be lifted up at the front, which also grants much easier access to the location of the phone module. For this you need to unclip and slide forward the two plastic seat rail covers. The four bolts require an E12 socket. I then pushed a fish tape (draw wire) from the cutout under the seat forwards towards the center tunnel while lifting up the carpet, attached the microphone jack using a small zip tie, and pulled it back to the phone module location.

The phone module has a 32 pin connector. Pin 13 is 12V, Pin 15 is Ground. I inserted the red and black wires for the Bluetooth module, hooked it up to the MOST bus, and plugged in the microphone – done! I of course also placed a MOST loop in the location of the CD change, placed some foam padding around the Bluetooth module (you could probably also zip tie it to the original phone module mounting bracket) and reassembled everything.

Bluetooth module in place and connected

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