Porsche 911 Carrera (997)

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Porsche 997 interior refresh

My 997 is in good technical condition, but after more than 200,000 km and 18 years, the interior showed some signs of wear that I wanted to address. Thankfully the leather is in good condition. Steering wheel spoke My car has the standard triangular steering wheel. Apparently the default driving […]

Porsche M96/M97 cooling and oil

Much has been said and written about the reliability issues of the Porsche M96/M97 engines as installed in the 986 Boxster, 996 911, 987.1 Boxster/Cayman, and 997.1 911. The IMS bearing problems are well understood (even if opinions about the frequency of failures occurring differ), whereas bore scoring is a […]

Buying a Porsche 997

Owning a 911 has long been a dream of mine, partly because I had the chance to drive a 1973 Carrera RS back in 2003. Hence for a long time my dream car was an F-model 911 in Blutorange (preferably the 2.4S), but these have become way too expensive. I’ve […]