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Building a Systainer cart

As my workshop is also a garage, I need to be able to easily move stuff around to make room for a car. Hence I wanted to put my Makpaks/Systainers on a cart/trolley. I stumbled upon this article, which provided the motivation to build my own – with the difference […]

Adjusting the Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut mitre saw

My cheap Metabo mitre saw works fine, but I realized that the cuts that it made weren’t perfectly perpendicular. This was especially noticeable on mitre cuts. Luckily, despite the manual not mentioning it, it is possible to adjust the saw. There are two end stop screws, one on each side. […]

Building a bedside table

My eight-year-old daughter requested a beside table for her room. After measuring the available room, we arrived at a width and depth of 30cm and a height of 42cm. We used 18mm thick plywood from which we cur four panels: Two of 40x30cm (the sides) One of 30x30cm (the top) […]

Monitor stand

I wanted a simple monitor stand for my desk. I had some leftover 18mm plywood from my media cabinet. From this I cut one 50 x 25cm and two 10 x 25cm panels. Both ends of the large panel and one end of the small panels were cut with 45 […]

Building a media/amp cabinet

I use three half-size (106cm tall) Ikea Billy bookcases in my home office, which left me with approx. 1m of space left. Another Billy would have been an option, but would have covered the light switch and a power outlet, and would have wasted about 20cm of space. I also […]

Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut mitre saw

I initially couldn’t choose which sliding mitre saw to buy, so I decided to make do with only a track saw for the time being. With the 1m guide rail, the track saw works just fine for longer cross cuts that would require a sliding mitre saw. But when cutting […]

Choosing a Mitre saw

One of the more important power tools for a woodworking shop is a Mitre saw. As the name implies, it is used for cutting mitres, but also for cross-cutting, and most can also be used for cutting bevels (by tilting the blade). There are two types of Mitre saws: Those […]

Makita DSP601 track saw

One of the most important power tools for woodworking is a saw for rip (lengthwise) and cross cuts. A mitre saw can be useful, but it can only do cross cuts. There are three options that can do both: Circular saw: These are the cheapest option, but you need some […]