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The glove compartment

Personal protection is important when working with tools. Standard items include hearing protection, safety goggles, gloves, and possibly safety shoes. Gloves are certainly the one that I use the most. Types of gloves I would generally categorize gloves into three types: Thin disposable gloves for protecting from dirts and fluids. […]

Essential tools for car maintenance and repairs

I’ve recently leafed through Setting up a home car workshop again, and while I still think that it’s a good book, I once again noticed the bias towards fabricating things. This made me think about which tools are actually required for doing regular maintenance and the sort of repairs that […]

iCarsoft CR Pro+

I’ve got an USB-OBD2 adapter and BMW’s INPA software, but when I got my W211, I needed something else to be able to diagnose the car. It became obvious pretty quickly that a system from iCarsoft would probably be the most cost-effective solution. They offer several consumer-oriented devices. The cheaper […]

Adjusting the Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut mitre saw

My cheap Metabo mitre saw works fine, but I realized that the cuts that it made weren’t perfectly perpendicular. This was especially noticeable on mitre cuts. Luckily, despite the manual not mentioning it, it is possible to adjust the saw. There are two end stop screws, one on each side. […]

Choosing a trolley jack

Many jobs on a car require taking off wheels or getting under the car. Hence, having some way of getting the car up into the air is important in a workshop. Those with the space and funds might go for a lift/hoist, but for most of us, this will remain […]

How to buy tools

No workshop is complete without tools. As a matter of fact, owning and collecting tools is (or at least appears to be) for some people the main reason behind owning a workshop. Just look at the number of YouTube channels doing tool reviews and the associated heated discussions about which […]

Wall-mounting a Makita charger

Wall-mounting is the best way to have a charger accessible yet out of the way. I’ve got the Makita DC18RC, which does not have holes for easy mounting. I have however found a suitable holder on Thingiverse. This is a quick 3D print. After removal of the rubber plugs, it […]

Refilling and bleeding a trolley jack

My son has plenty of toys, but nothing beats dad’s tools. My trolley jack is a favourite of his, and he uses it to lift this go-cart. Unfortunately he opened the release valve too far once, releasing some of the hydraulic fluid. As I found out the next time when […]

Wera Kraftform XXL screwdriver set

A decent set of screwdrivers is probably the most essential part of your tool kit. My choice in this regard is the Wera Kraftform XXL set. It consists of twelve screwdrivers: Two Philips and two Pozidrive Three flathead Two flathead that can be used as chisel Two insulated flathead that […]

Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig 320

Pocket holes are a very simple, quick, and convenient way to join wood. In many cases, the holes can be placed in a way that they are invisible. Unlike with dowels, biscuits or dominos, it is not necessary to drill (and thus align) holes in both pieces. Only one piece […]