BMW 530i (E39)

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BMW M54 tank ventilation valve replacement

Some time ago, my BMW 530i (E39) dashboard suddenly showed a check engine light. It disappeared and re-appeared several times and eventually stayed on, but without a loss of power (unlike with the faulty crankshaft sensor). INPA reported a tank ventilation error, and a quick search on Google revealed a […]

How to replace a BMW M54 crankshaft sensor

Recently my BMW’s engine stalled while stopping at an intersection. It started again without issues, but I then had a traction control light and not the usual amount of power. A day later, no issues were present, but I nevertheless decided to check the error log. Luckily I have access […]

Changing wheels

If you live in a climate that sees snow in the winter, chances are you want both summer and winter tires for your car (though all-season tires are much better now and less of a compromise than they used to be). Ideally these would come on different sets of wheels. […]

E39 sunscreen repair

My 530i is equipped with roll-up sunscreens, consisting of an electric sunscreen for the rear window and manual sunscreens for the rear door windows. These consist of two parts, a vertically moving part for the main window and a horizontally moving part for the small triangular window. The latter wouldn’t […]

Replacing BMW E39 windshield washer hoses

The windshield washer jets of my E39 suddenly produced only a trickle instead of a stream. Investigating the issue started with opening the bonnet and removing the damping mat. It is hold in place by a number of split pins. There are special fork-like tools for removing this, but lifting […]