Measuring brake rotor and pad thickness

Brakes are very important on a powerful car. All 997 models are equipped with drilled ventilated rotors front and rear, and four-piston or six-piston brake calipers.

The brake pads have a minimum thickness of 2mm, at this point the wear contacts will be worn through and triggered. You can prevent having to buy new wear sensors by changing brake pads at 2.5mm thickness. The brake rotors are allowed 2mm of wear from new. The thickness of new rotors is for the 997.1

  • 28mm in the front and 24mm in the rear for the 325hp models
  • 34mm in the front and 28mm in the rear for all other models

I 3D printed some measuring gauges and adapters for my digital calipers so I could easily measure both the rotors and pads. Here are some links to Thingiverse:


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