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French Cleat storage wall

Judging by many workshop tours on YouTube, you really can’t have a workshop without at least one wall with French Cleat storage. So naturally I didn’t want to be left out. The wall behind my workbench already had holes and plugs that I simply re-used. I also had a couple […]

Cheap shelving

Storage is always an issue in workshops. My options here are very limited, as I want to be able to use the garage for parking a car. With the garage being only 2.90m wide, storage cabinets along the walls are not possible. The only available space is high up, but […]

Building a printer trolley from scrap wood

Printers may seem like a thing from the past, but unfortunately they are still a necessity. Sometimes paper is more handy, sometimes the children want a coloring page. This means that you want the large and heavy printer out of the way when it is not needed, but readily accessible […]

The Systainer

Most power tool brands have a system of interlocking storage cases. This makes it easy to move multiple cases at the same time, and possibly even to lock them down in a vehicle. Probably the best-known example, at least in Europe, is the Systainer. The Systainer is usually associated with […]