Building a printer trolley from scrap wood

Printers may seem like a thing from the past, but unfortunately they are still a necessity. Sometimes paper is more handy, sometimes the children want a coloring page. This means that you want the large and heavy printer out of the way when it is not needed, but readily accessible when it is.

I’ve got a large (180x90cm/6’x3′) desk that has plenty of room for a printer underneath it. Hence I decided to build a simple trolley on which I can place the printer and wheel it forward when required. I used two boards from an old Ikea Billy that had collapsed. One was cut in half as platform, and from the other I cut two strips that connect the two boards. They were joined with self-tapping wood screws of 30mm length. For the wheels I used a set of Ikea Rill wheels. Total material price: €5. Used tools: track saw and impact driver.


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