Goals and requirements

The garage is to provide the following:

  • Storage for a car up to the size of a BMW E39 5 series
  • A workshop for regular maintenance and light restoration work on cars
  • A workshop for metal- and woodworking
  • A comfortable place to work year-round
  • Storage for tools (including a 3D printer) and material
  • A sufficiently high FAF (family acceptance factor). The FAF is an extension of the well-known WAF that incorporates other family members, such as children

From these goals and the available space, the following requirements result:

  • The workspace needs to be reconfigurable to accommodate various jobs
  • Workbenches, including one for power tools
  • Storage racks and cabinets
  • Electricity
  • Good lighting
  • A comfortable floor that can easily be cleaned while being able to take the weight of a car
  • A work climate in a comfortable temperature range, i.e. between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius (59 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • A workbench for the kids
  • Safety measures to prevent harm the kids
  • A sink and running water, to keep the kitchen clean and thus prevent harm to myself

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