Makita DLX2220 drill/impact driver set

A cordless drill and impact driver are essential power tools for each workshop, and often sold as set. I initially considered Makita’s DLX3090 set, as it comes with a third battery, and a LED lamp. But looking at the price and other factors, I eventually decided to go for the DLX2220JX2 set instead (consisting of the DDF483 drill, and DTD155 impact driver), for the following reasons:

  • At the time of writing, Makita NL would send you a free 5.0Ah battery upon purchase of a cordless tool. Since I was planning on getting a router and lawnmower, this meant two free batteries, which would be sufficient for my purposes. And you get the LED lamp for free upon purchase of a corded tool.
  • I liked the idea of having two of the smaller and lighter 3.0Ah batteries in addition to the 5.0Ah ones.
  • It comes with Makita’s stackable Makpac case nr 3, which I find much more useful than the bag included with the DLX3090 set.
  • Compared to the cheaper offerings, both tools have brushless motors.
  • Included is a 38-part accessory kit with the most important drivers and a few drill bits.

I was actually surprised by how compact and lightweight both tools are. Charging is very quick, too. The charger is fan-cooled, so it does make a bit of noise, but it certainly doesn’t bother me. It has two status lights that can display a variety of states, including “battery broken”, and “almost full”.

The box contents. There’s room for an additional battery on the right.
The accessory kit.

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