Status Quo Ante

This is what the garage looked like on the day I got the key:

The garage door opener (an old Bosch Comfortlift) does not seem to work. I found a manual online and tried the input for a manual switch, but got no reaction. As I don’t need the opener, I will remove it.

There’s a single TL fixture that provides light. I will replace it with several LED fixtures. The roof and walls will get a coat of white paint, which should also help in brightening up the room. The current workbench, made from old kitchen cabinets, is in an inconvenient position – only a very short car would currently fit. It will be removed and be replaced by a workbench made from a cabinet in the current kitchen, which will be placed against the wall next to the door.One storage rack will be placed on the other side of the door, the others will be moved to the shed opposite the garage. Finally, I will add a PVC tile floor.

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