AutoBild ratchet and socket test

Earlier this year, AutoBild tested several 1/2″ ratchet/socket sets (the test was later republished in AutoBild Klassik). Perhaps unsurprisingly, German A-brand Hazet took the win. But on closer inspection of the scores, it is obvious that most criteria concern only the ratchet, and all sockets passed the test. The reason Hazet took the win is due to the Hazet ratchet being the only one with 90 teeth.

The contents of the socket set were not taken into account, except for a “Best Value” winner. But one could easily construct an overall winner with much better set content and a lower price than the Hazet set, by using a cheap socket set (e.g. Gedore Red, if you want a brand name) and adding only the Hazet ratchet, which can be bought individually. This will save you a lot of money compared to a full Hazet set.

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